August 10, 2010

History Movies - Story of the World

For history, we have used a combination of Veritas Press' history cards and Susan Wise Bauer's Story of the World. The two flow together nicely with just a little re-arranging. One thing which is fun and (usually) educational is to watch movies (documentaries, historical fiction, etc.) to go along with each time period. Sometimes it's a challenge finding movies which are both interesting and appropriate for the maturity level of the child - there just aren't too many kid-friendly animated versions of Beowulf out there, but I found one. Between your local library and a service like Netflix, you can find quite a few resources.  

Mommy Lawyer Angela has put together a wonderful chapter-by-chapter list of movies and videos to supplement Story of the World which is available to download.  You can get more suggestions at The Well-Trained Mind forums, and at the forums here and here.


JR said...

Thanks for the information about the movies, what a great resource!! Have you watched many of these with your kids?

The Mommy Blawger said...

Not many. I did find an animated version of Beowulf and some biographies at the library. I've also shown C. some Youtube videos such as excerpts from Henry V - not the whole movie. Oh, and we did watch Superbook movies to correspond with what T. was doing in Old Testament. But I knew the boys would probably be repeating a year of the history cycle, so I didn't make as much of an effort to include supplemental materials.

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